Born and raised in New York City, Samantha Bednarz is loud,
in your face and non-apologetic. When she takes the stage,
she commands the audience's attention, usually because she's
the loudest person in the room... with or without a
microphone. Her high energy and stage presence have
resulted in her often being compared to Sam Kinison.

A natural storyteller with a penchant for ranting, Samantha's
style could be described as controlled chaos.

Her credits include Phowned! on Spike TV, the 2010 New
York Underground Comedy Festival and the 2013 She-Devil
Festival at the Laughing Devil in New York. She has also
appears in a number of sketches with the sketch group
Temple Horses.

Samantha has run a number of shows and is currently running
a monthly show at The Laughing Devil Comedy Club in LIC called
Cunning Stunts